Products that add value and color to your life



Our company, Okur Zemin, was established in 1990.

Our respect and care for our work, to provide the best service to our clients, to enable good quality and solid product are among our basic principals.

In the developing market, we are following the products, closely, that will be applied to commercial and residential areas both in domestic and international levels.

Okur Zemin, has the principal to meet the right product to the market demands, optimally and continuing its stable expansion.

Especially about carpet tiles, our company has kept up with the developing market. Okur Zemin is progressing with sure steps on the way to be a leading company in the sector without compromising from respect and tolerance.


  1. What are we doing?


Our company is aiming to increase its sales in the market by rendering service in the areas like carpet tiles, PVC flooring, laminate flooring, raised flooring and some other floor covering fields. Our head Office is located in Ataşehir/İstanbul and our warehouse is in Darıca/Kocaeli. We are procuring, directly, products of leading indoor floor covering materials manufacturers both in Turkey and abroad. Okur Zemin is realising sales of these products through its sales network all over the country and applying its products to the projects.


  1. Vision and Mission


Vision; to be a leading organization that adds value and color to the life.


Mission; to provide quality to our customers by supplying right product and service with correct price and timing.